Left Brain, Right Brain, No Brainer


June 23 thru July 7, 2016

I think I figured out why I rarely get anything done.  The graphic above is mostly correct.  But, I also think it’s because I love planning projects more than following through with projects.  Last night, as an example, I nearly finished a wash cloth.  I say “nearly” because all I have to do is cut the yarn, weave in a couple of ends, and block it so it’ll look nice when I give it as a gift.  That’s it.  10 minutes of work, tops!  Yet it’s currently sitting on my coffee table, yarn still attached to what’s left of the skein.  After placing it on the coffee table, I got up from the couch and went into my bedroom.  A sane person would’ve gone in search of the scissors and a smaller hook for weaving ends.  Not I, said the Little Red Hen!  I went in search of a new project!

I have a laundry basket in the corner of my bedroom that mocks me on a daily basis.  In the basket are a bunch of project bags containing items in various stages of completion.  Some of them need to be frogged because I hate them.  Some of them really need to be finished, but I have lost my mojo for those particular items.  I also have 3 tote bags full of afghan-sized projects.  In fact, they are afghan projects.  They’re in the kinds of tote bags that you get when you order clothes from a catalog and they throw in a beach bag or weekend getaway bag.  I don’t go to the beach and when I go away for the weekend I need a much bigger bag than those.  So, they’re full of yarn.  One project was started last summer (Lily Pond Blanket).  One was started last Thanksgiving (Moorish Mosaic Afghan).  One was started this spring (a super secret mystery afghan that may go into the State Fair).  Now, the first 2 will probably have to be started over at some point, thanks to issues with gauge and tension.  To be honest, the first one was already started over once because there was such a huge gap between the times I worked on it that there was no way the pieces would have ever looked right when sewn together.  I know all this, so why don’t I finish what I start so I don’t have these kinds of problems?

The answer could be ADD.  It could be Left Brain vs Right Brain because, God, do I love to plan projects!  Or, it could simply be boredom.  All I know is that rather than pick something out of that basket or from one of those tote bags, I actually picked up a brand new, unopened afghan kit and considered starting it!  Stop the insanity!  Someone needs to shoot me with a tranquilizer dart when I do something like that.

Thankfully, as I tossed the bag onto the bed before turning to go in search of an H hook, my crochet life flashed before my eyes.  All those unfinished projects were crying out with “Finish me, please!”, and I saw all the fun projects I have to keep putting off because of the guilt over the unfinished ones.  Not to mention all the yarn I keep buying for projects I’ll never get to if I don’t finish the ones I’ve started.  Who am I kidding?  I could start them, but then I’d need a bigger laundry basket.

So, I put the new kit back where it belongs and picked up a tote bag with an old, boring, thought out, planned, in-process, unfinished project inside.

I think my brain operates somewhere in that fine line between left & right.  Between logic and creativity.  Between order and chaos.

Last night, at least, logic and order prevailed.


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