One Step Closer

July 8 thru July 19, 2016


I’m giving myself a blue ribbon for completing the next step on my 2016 Texas State Fair journey!  I may not win a single ribbon from the Fair itself, but with the way I’ve been accomplishing so little lately, it really is a small victory to get the entry form filled out, a check written for the entry fees, and the two dropped into the mailbox with a stamp attached to the envelope.

There are 10 items on my entry form.  At least I won’t be giving them a complete donation this year as 8 of those 10 items are complete.  So long as I manage to make it to the turn-in table by the end of the day on August 13, I’m good.  The other 2 items (an afghan and a toy) are about a 50-50 shot at getting done.  The toy should be a breeze to finish, so long as I keep working on it.  I get so bored with going around and around and around with single crochet.  The afghan is also single crochet, in rows, but at least there are color changes to form designs, which keeps my mind a bit more occupied.  My only concern with the afghan is having enough time to get all the squares not just completed but sewn together.  I need to do some research on what to do to join them and edge the entire thing.

I’m going to my sister’s for a week, so when I’m not hanging out with family or at the conference I’m going there to attend, I’ll be crocheting.  Biggest problem with that is I will lose almost 4 days (weekend days!) of crochet time because of the driving.  I’ll have the 2 Saturday nights in a hotel room in Amarillo, but it won’t be like if I were home and had my butt parked on the couch all day.  The 2 Sundays will be a washout because I’ll be catching up with family on the first one and catching up with the cat (and on laundry) when I get home on the second one.  Then, a couple weeks later my niece will be here, which means some night(s) before that will be devoted to house cleaning.  The Saturday before turn-in is also out for crocheting because I’ll be going to San Antonio with my niece and a friend, and we’ll all stop in Dallas on the way back on Sunday to turn in my stuff.

So, if I count the days, I have…

14 evenings, 5 weekdays at my sister’s, and 1 full weekend left!

If I don’t finish this afghan, I will be very disappointed in myself because it’s a Fair-specific design that I wouldn’t be making for any other reason.

I’m meeting a friend for dinner after work, so tonight will not be a crochet night.  At 5pm tomorrow, when the old factory whistle blows, I’m gonna commute from my dining room office to my living room couch, pick up my hook and yarn, and get ‘er done!  (At least 1 square anyway.)



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