MORE Ideas!

August 23 thru August 24, 2016


There were two more project ideas that I left off the list in my last post!

  • CDH Tote Project – If you’re not already a member of Ravelry and have no idea what CDH means, it stands for Cold Dead Hands.  As in, “If you want to take that yarn from me, you’re going to have to pry it from my Cold Dead Hands!”  I’ve been very lucky over the past couple of years to obtain some CDH-worthy yarns through swaps or sales.  It started out as being just Madelinetosh and Malabrigo brands.  But, I’ve also drooled on some skeins of Dream in Color, Mrs. Crosby, Koigu, and several skeins from indie dyers, such as my friend Jules at  KnittyStash in Homer, Alaska (that’s one of her skeins in the pic).  Despite my recent closet re-organizations, my main yarn closet was getting very messy on the shelf that housed L-O, due to all those M brand names.  I decided that I would get a tote and fill it with the CDH yarns.  If there was ever a fire or a tornado or a zombie apocalypse, and I could only take a small portion of my yarn, these are the ones I’d want.  So, the other night, I trekked to Walmart and got a couple of totes.  I got a few of the small square ones for the oddball stuff that is in kitchen & desk drawers that you may not ever need but don’t want to throw away.  I already know that my One a Day project (mentioned in my last post) will turn up some dilemmas like that, so I got 1 box each for the office, kitchen and bathroom.  They will be easily stored in a cabinet, and I can always go back to them later and destash from them some more.  I also got a medium square tote for the oddball craft stuff that I’ll save but don’t have a home for yet.  As you’ll see in a minute, I started my One a Day project with some craft supplies.  So far, the majority of the junk already had a home that it needed to be returned to, such as beads, threads, needles, etc. that all live in nicely organized spaces in the closet.  However, there were a couple of items that I have planned for projects but they didn’t have somewhere to go.  Now they do.  Finally, I bought a large (but not XL) rectangular tote for storing my CDH yarns.  I really, really did think it was going to be big enough when I bought it.  The problem was that when I started pulling out the super loved yarns from the closet last night, the tote quickly filled and overflowed.  So, I emptied a BIG tote of stuff I want to sell on eBay, transferred all of that to some large bags, and then filled up the CDH tote.  It was still too small!  That left me with the horrible decision-making process of who to vote out of the CDH tote.  I used the new, smaller tote for “I like you a lot, but I don’t love you that much” yarns, and/or ones that I have imminent plans for, and that made it a lot easier.  I am now ready for the Emergency Alert tones to sound, at least when it comes to my yarn.  And if I have time to grab 2 totes, I’m prepared!
  • Ribbon Scrapbook Project – My hard-earned Fair ribbons are currently crammed in a dresser drawer in my closet, along with all the doilies and some of the other things that received the ribbons.  I’ve given away a few of the items, so I won’t be buying a display cabinet for all of this stuff.  But, I wanted a way to consolidate it all and put it into a format that I can look at, or that my family will have to dispose of when I’m gone.  So, I bought a large scrapbook on sale at Michael’s a few months ago.  The plan is to go to CVS (or wherever still does this) and print photos of each item, make some notes about the project, and put the ribbons with all of that into the scrapbook.  It seems like a simple project, and I have all the supplies, but I can’t get motivated to go print the photos.  One of these days.  Maybe when One a Day gets to my dresser.


The One a Day project started Monday night.  2 days down and 2 boxes done.  (insert pat on the back here)

When I did all that musical closet stuff a few months back, I ended up with a small stack of plastic shoebox-sized totes with miscellaneous craft stuff in them.  They used to have an entire shelf all to themselves in my bedroom closet.  However, I realized that I’ve carted around a lot of this stuff since (I’m ashamed to say) the early 1990s!  It was time to get real and get rid of a lot.  I’ve donated and tossed quite a bit, but there are still 4 or 5 of those boxes stacked in the corner that I haven’t done anything with…until now.

  • Day 1, Box 1 – This is the reason why I needed the medium-sized tote from Walmart the other night.  For example, there are 2 cone-shaped Styrofoam forms that I use for making ribbon trees, and I had nowhere to stash them to keep them from getting messed up until I get around to making another.  Now I do.  Here’s a pic of the box before:


Here’s a pic of the box after:


That’s a little deceiving, though, as I didn’t get rid of it all.  I think I threw out a broken crayon.  The rest went to its rightful homes, and the Styrofoam cones and 2 small bead kits went into the medium tote.  It’s now ready to receive more stuff!


  • Day 2, Box 2 – Another craft box before:


And, after:


Woo hoo!!!  Victory is mine!  This box was easy too because all those threads have their own drawer in my craft cabinet.  I just have a very bad habit of not putting things back where they belong when I’m done with them.  The yarn labels go into a baggie that I keep in a drawer.  I really need to throw them out because any of the care information I might need can easily be looked up on Ravelry.  But, baby steps, folks!  This time I think I threw away some tangled threads rather than try to wind them back onto the spool.  And a paper clip.

I’m thinking tonight I’ll take on something a little more intimidating.

The kitchen JUNK DRAWER!!!

(I actually have 2 of them.)



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