Rainbow Sprinkles. Yummmmm…

August 25 thru August 26, 2016


A Ravelry friend told me about a new yarn that’s exclusive to Michaels.  It’s called Caron Cakes, and it’s got a lot of people talking.  Even people who don’t like to work with acrylic yarns.  I’m one of the latter.  I have a lot of acrylic in my stash because that’s all I knew to buy for most of my crocheting life.  A pattern in a magazine that called for anything other than what I could buy at Walmart or Michaels was one I had to overlook.  I either couldn’t afford it or didn’t know where to get it.  I also didn’t know anything about yarn substitutions until I got on Ravelry and found all the tools that make it so easy.

Now that I know about other types of yarns, and I’ve found outlets to buy them at reasonable prices or can swap for them, I rarely use acrylics.  I definitely don’t use the old style scratchy 100% acrylics.  The newer “soft” acrylics are tolerable, but I hate how splitty they are.  This new Caron Cakes yarn eliminates all of the negatives I’ve encountered with acrylic, and it comes with a bonus of having long color changes.

During my lunch break on Thursday, I went to Michaels and found this display.


My brain went into sensory overload.  I couldn’t afford to get one of nearly every color, and I knew I’d need more than one skein to make some of the things I wanted to make with it.  So, I stood there FOREVER trying to decide what color to get!  My Ravelry friend is sending me some Cake Pop, which is the one I was first drawn to since it’s “my” colors.  It’s the aqua/blue/grey one in the middle on the third shelf.  I next was drawn to the greens on the shelf above.  But I also liked the more muted browns and creams on the bottom.  There’s one more shelf on top that my pic cuts off, and it had a skein of pinks (uh….no), and 2 other colorways I’d been considering.  One is called Red Velvet and works up like this:


Isn’t that amazing?  It’s a Sophie’s Garden afghan block on a Raveler’s project page.  I didn’t choose that one, but now I’m regretting that I didn’t.

The other color on the top shelf is Rainbow Sprinkles.  I am not a rainbow yarn type of gal.  I don’t wear bright colors.  I don’t really know anyone who wears bright colors.  But something about that skein intrigued me.  So, I got one.


You can’t tell it from my pic, but all the colors except red & orange have some colored flecks in them…purple in the blue, red/orange in the yellow and the green.  It’s lovely!  I decided I’d make a scarf out of it and then maybe gift it to someone.

Before I was done, Maxi had claimed it.

image_small2 (1)

By the time I was completely done, I had claimed it for myself!



Then I started thinking about that pretty Sophie’s Garden.  I’ve been wanting to make one of the Sophie’s patterns for a while.  You can make it as a small, medium, or large mandala.  Or you can keep going and make it into Sophie’s Garden, which is a squared off version of the mandalas.  Or you can keep going some more and make a huge Sophie’s Universe blanket.  I have some yarn for that last one, but I haven’t committed myself to that big of a project yet.

There are a zillion beautiful Sophie’s projects on Ravelry, and I’ve favorited several because I planned to be inspired by (ok…to copy) their color choices.  Last night, sitting there with about half a skein of Caron Cakes left, I decided to start crocheting a Sophie and when I ran out of yarn, I’d call it quits and maybe sew the result to a pillow or something.  Well, that pattern is addictive!!  And I was having so much fun that I was really disappointed when the yellow in my skein ran out with just 2 petals to do on round 10.


I kept going with the orange, but the color changes are abrupt instead of gradual, and it was just too obvious of a change for me.

What to do?  Well…I’m going to do what any good yarn hoarder does.  I’m going to Michaels at lunch today to get another skein!  The 30% off yarn sale ended yesterday, but I’ve got a 50% off coupon for 1 item.  So, that’s even better.  As long as I contain myself to 1 skein.

I will say that this was the first time (I think) that I’ve ever bought a skein of yarn in the afternoon and had completely used it up by the end of the night…and on TWO projects, no less!

In addition to the Rainbow yarn I got yesterday, I bought 3 skeins of Blueberry Cheesecake.


I’m going to turn this into a baby blanket for Jerri’s nephew & niece whose baby boy is due in February.

On Wednesday night I was also very productive.  If it wasn’t for all this crocheting, I do think I’d be in the nuthouse.  Spending so much time alone during the day is getting to me, but at least at night I can keep the demons at bay by creating something fun and then sharing it with you (hello, you!) and my friends on Ravelry.

I’m working on a special project, and I was stumped on a couple of ideas.  The same friend who turned me onto the Cakes helped me out tremendously on the other project.  One idea she had was to make a particular scarf due to its name.  (I’m being  a bit cryptic here in the wild off chance that the recipient is reading this, although I doubt it.)  Anyway, I started on that project as soon as work was over on Wednesday.  I was loving the outcome, but as I worked I realized I already have 1 scarf done and another planned, and I wondered about adding a third to the mix.  So, I thought outside the box (as my friend suggested), and I came up with a TABLE scarf!  I love it!  It’s rich in texture and color, and it’s simple yet elegant-looking.

image_medium2 (1)

As for the One a Day project, I didn’t do the junk drawer like I’d planned.  I didn’t go through any boxes or drawers on Wednesday.  So, I did two last night.

Box 3 was another easy one.  It was full of clay.  I used to have visions of making fun things like this:


Or clay handled crochet hooks…


I’ve done neither.  But, I’m still carrying around this box of clay:


Jerri did use some for craft items for our conference, and I told her to keep it, but it got returned to me anyway.  So, I stuck it all in that miscellaneous tote.  Maybe one rainy fall afternoon I’ll at least make a crochet hook handle.

Box 4 is a box of Christmas craft stuff that is leftover from a bigger box of Christmas craft stuff.  I gave away some things earlier this year, and I kept this box because I figured I would use these things, for sure, just any minute now.


As you can see, most are still in their original packaging, so I haven’t used them yet.  I’m keeping the elf faces as I really want to make one of those shelf elves.  And I’m keeping the buttons.  But I’m offering the rest in a Ravelry giveaway.  Surprisingly, as of this morning, no one had claimed it and I’m even paying the postage.  One woman’s trash is still another woman’s trash, I guess.

But, both boxes now look like this (I felt it was necessary to only take a pic of 1 as proof of my accomplishment):


I threw that hook away.  Man, this feels good! 🙂

I may tackle that junk drawer tonight.  When I’m done crocheting.  And catching up on “Big Brother.”



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