Stop the Presses!

August 31, 2016 


I goofed!  All that pomp & circumstance at the end of my last post was for naught.  I just printed my results list so I can take it with me when I pick up the blanket, and it turns out I had my doilies mixed up!  The line with the category name is cut off so I couldn’t see the size.  So, I looked at the category number and realized I had them reversed in my head.

What does that mean?

The purple/white Extravagant Doily that I was going on and on about now being a blue ribbon winner is, sadly, “just” an Honorable Mention.  But, it still holds its Grand Champion title from the County Fair last year.

The Yellow Rose Doily is the one that won the blue ribbon!  I can quit complaining about that now.

The blanket, no matter how many times I look at the list, is still “NW.”



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