Dog Days of Summer

September 1 thru September 9, 2016


If it’s the Dog Days, why am I starting this off with a picture of a cat?  Well, I don’t want to cry over pictures of Bella, and all the images I found on Google were blah.  So, that’s a cat up there instead.

My crochet mojo has faded a little over the last week or so.  First, it’s so dang HOT here!  It was 96 degrees yesterday.  Second, the pollen count is in the astronomical range (ok…it’s just “very high”), which gave me a headache for at least 3 whole days, and it’s now a sore throat and cough instead.  Third, I think I’m still a wee bit bummed about that blanket not getting any ribbons.  (Actually, they did give me a Participation ribbon when I picked it up yesterday.)  Finally, I think I’m bored with my WIPs and the projects I’ve lined up to do next.

I’ve got to finish a bunch of things for that 50 gifts package, and it seems that I’ve hit a wall.  I was on a roll, but several items aren’t working out the way I wanted.

A cowl has been made twice and I don’t like the colors for either version.  I haven’t even started on the third version.

A bowl had to be remade because the first one was too floppy.  It’s crocheted but still needs to be felted.  And I had to make it smaller ’cause I didn’t have enough yarn for the medium-sized one.

A potholder looks crooked.  But it’s gonna be what it’s gonna be.  I’m not fixing it.

The cat I made it isn’t really the best cat for the job.  I needed to make one wearing a dress, so if I have time I’ve got to churn out another cat.

The yarn for a scarf got waylaid in the mail but I’m, thankfully, getting a replacement package from Craftsy (thanks, Millie!).

A pillow I’m making in tapestry crochet is making me nuts with all the bobbins.

I’ve had to change yarn choices for another stuffed animal I’m making because the first option was making him bigger than I liked, even with a smaller hook.

There are 6 more items that I haven’t even thought about starting.  I have 6 weeks from today to finish everything.  10 items (at least) in 6 weeks.  Yeah, right!

Plus, there are photos to print, tags to make, and I need to wrap it all.  And, right now I feel like doing none of it.

So, I’m hoping the rain tomorrow will wash away the pollen.  And maybe I’ll get my rear in gear enough to finish several things over the weekend.

As for Operation De-Clutter, I did go through a few more craft boxes and tossed out some stuff.  I also did 3 out of 10 desk drawers.  When I opened up #4 and saw all the paperwork I needed to go through, my head screamed, “Oh, HELL no!” So,  I closed it and haven’t gone back.  I took photos, but I’ll spare you the gory details.  Just trust me that it’s been done.

Well, the break I granted myself after entering 3 pages of orders & invoices from a printout with tiny text has now ended.  Back to work!

Here’s hoping I have a hook in my hand shortly after 5:00.

Check back tomorrow to see if I’ve finished anything or just binge watched Netflix all day.






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