Wanted: Motivation

September 10 thru October 11, 2016


Way back on September 9 I told y’all to check back the next day to see if I’d made any progress.  Despite not posting anything since then, I did make a wee bit of progress on a few items for that surprise package.

I decided to scrap a 3rd attempt at a cowl and gift the 2nd one I made.  However, a Ravelry friend surprised me with a knitted hat version of the SAME PATTERN!  It’s fantastic, so I’m going to be able to gift that instead of the cowl I’m not happy with, so now I’m happy. 🙂

The other cowl I planned to make…a plaid one…was a catastrophe.  I crocheted everything and then started on the overlay stitches to make it look plaid.  I hit a snag, literally, with the yarn and when I snipped what I thought was an end to be woven, it was partially the crocheted fabric, resulting in an unfixable hole.  The cowl kinda sorta went flying across the room, and when I calmed down I picked it up off the floor and placed it into a project bag.  Someday I’ll frog it and use the yarn for something else.  I made a plaid washcloth instead.

I have 3 WIPs that I’m not enjoying.  One is a coin purse that needs the lining and zipper sewn in.  I’m thinking of asking a friend who sews if she’d like to contribute her skills to this project.  Another item is a cup cozy that doesn’t look nearly as cute as I’d hoped, so I’m not sure what to do about that.  And the third is a stuffed lion that I have absolutely no interest in finishing, but I must or I’ve got to go shopping for an alternative.

In one of my Ravelry groups, we’re doing WIP Wednesdays.  It’s supposed to motivate all of us to finish our WIPs, no matter how old they are nor how much we hate them.  There have been 2 Wednesdays so far, and I got very little done.  There are 2 left before these gifts will be delivered, so I’m hopeful I’ll do better.

I’ve already scrapped 1 item that I really wanted to make…a fish that turns into a piece of sushi.  I don’t know if I’ve got the time or the patience to do it right now, after reading several project pages on Ravelry that say you need both time and patience.

The successful part of this post is that I finished a notions box and a Bernie Sanders doll, and I’m pleased with both.

There are 3 projects I haven’t even started, and I have just 10 days left to finish it all!  One is a beagle and the other is a cat.  I also need to figure out what to do to replace the fish.  I’m thinking an acorn-shaped potholder.

The 10 days I have left are not really going to be 10 good days for crocheting.  On Friday, I am going with a friend to west Texas, so maybe I can concentrate in the car and get something done.  On Saturday, I’m going to Oklahoma to a friend’s family reunion, and I’m driving, so that day is a loss.  I’ll take some projects with me, but between the talking and domino playing, I will probably not make any progress.  We’re spending the night too, so that means at least half of Sunday is a wash.  That leaves a bunch of week nights, which are not usually my most productive times.  About 3:00-4:00 I start thinking about what I’m going to work on when I’m done with work.  Then at 5:00 I turn on the news, try to decide what to have for dinner, maybe play a game on the iPad, and then about 7:00 or so I get out my hook.  That pattern has to stop or I will not finish.  It’s going to also take me at least 1 full evening to finish wrapping everything!

And, because I’m always thinking about the next thing that I’m certain will be more fun than whatever I’m working on, I’m already spinning the wheels about what I’ll do when all of this is O-V-E-R.

I’ve mentioned some ideas here already…working through gifted patterns I’ve received (from oldest to newest), and using up old stashed yarn (starting with the least yardage so I can make some quick progress).  I’d also like to pull random magazines and leaflets out of my pattern cabinet and work every item in that particular book that interests me.  Then I can part with the book and get it out of my house.

The de-cluttering project has continued, although I’ve stopped taking pictures to document it.  All of the boxes of craft items I’d stashed in a corner are empty and the items I’m keeping are consolidated into 1 box that fits in the closet.  I have not, however, finished the desk (as I hate sorting papers and have nowhere to put them right now anyway), and I haven’t gone through the kitchen & bathroom drawers and cabinets.  Maybe when the weather changes my attitude will too.  The desire to rid myself of stuff is still quite prominent.  If I wasn’t so attached to so many things, I’d put it all into totes and haul it all to Goodwill.  But, I must sort and ruminate and put it into “Keep,” “Donate,” “Sell” piles that then get sorted and ruminated upon some more.  In fact, last night I went through 2 boxes of postcards as I need to open my eBay store again.  The result of over an hour of sorting (when I could’ve been crocheting) was a small pile of cards to send to a friend, an even smaller pile to sell, and 2 boxes of cards that are essentially as full as they were when I pulled them off the shelf.

OH!!!  I just remembered why I came here to post today!  I was going to show pics from the State Fair!  I guess I’ll have to do that tomorrow.  Or, based on past experience, a month from now.






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