Returning to My Roots

October 12 thru October 31, 2016


I have always loved the library, and I have had a library card most of my life.  Since I like to own books (goes back to my childhood, I think, and the security I get from having them around), the library has been more of an information-gathering place, or a place to check out movies, or to get audiobooks for traveling, rather than a place to get books to read since I’ll have to (gasp!) return them.  I’m getting over that now with the advent of ebooks.  I did discover mystery series authors, like Nevada Barr, Joan Hess, and Sue Grafton at the library.  When I first started my job 25 years ago, I would take my lunch hour to go get books to read in the abundant off-time during work (this was pre-Internet!).
After I voted earlier this week, I went into the library to get a card as I haven’t had one since moving into my apartment four years ago.  The library to which I am now a member is the awesomest one I’ve ever been a member of!  (Based on the problems with that last sentence, you probably wonder if I can even read.)
I got the card primarily so I could do Interlibrary Loan (ILL) of crochet books.  There are some $20+ ones on my Amazon wish list that I will never buy, partly because of price & partly because they’re like music CDs: you might only want 1-2 patterns from the whole book.  ILL costs $2.50, which is fair enough for 1-2 patterns, so I’ll be able to print a copy of a couple pages and then return the book.
Well, last night I went through the entire list of crochet books that my local library system has (about 125 or so) and requested they hold all the ones I didn’t already have or didn’t want.  I think it was about 15-20.  7 of those are already ready for pick-up, 4 are being transferred from another branch, and a few more are checked out so I’m in line.  Easy peasy.  No need to wander aimlessly through the stacks looking for them!  And the ones at the branches further from my house get transferred to my branch, so I don’t have to drive all over town.
Then I went through my Amazon and Ravelry wish lists to see which books I’d be willing to cough up $2.50 for and found a few, which I requested through ILL.  No guarantees they’ll be able to get them, but it’ll be cool if they do.
Next I noticed they have access to Zinio, a digital magazine site.  Turns out they have Interweave Crochet, which is the best crochet magazine!  So, now I can get it FREE every month.  Buying that magazine is like buying CDs too…lots of clothing patterns I’d never attempt but what they do have that I’d like to make, I REALLY want to make.  You can’t download the whole magazine, of course, but you can print a few pages, which is perfect.
Zinio also has Games magazine, which I subscribed to in the ’80s or ’90s, I think.  Again, I can print pages and work some puzzles (on the rare occasions when I’m not working a puzzle on my iPad).
Finally, they have the holy grail of magazines (IMO)…The New Yorker!!!!!!!  I’ve thought of treating myself to a sub every year, but then I realize I don’t need all the clutter (as I would want to keep them for the covers, of course), and I’d be mad if I got hooked on it and couldn’t afford to get it again the next year.  Now I’ll get an email every time the next issue is released!  I stayed up ’til 1am reading it, and it was all about the election.  (Don’t get me started on that topic.  I began composing a post about that a couple weeks ago, and my BP probably rose to 300/200.)
In addition to Zinio, they have access to OverDrive ebooks.  I just did the coolest thing, which prompted me to write this post.  I looked at my non-craft book wish list on Amazon and typed in the title of the first book on the list.  They had it!  So, I checked it out.  Now, for the cool part.  When I clicked the box to choose reading it on my Kindle instead of right then in my browser, it took me over to the Amazon site, where I very easily clicked on a link that sent the book right to my device.  I don’t understand all the wizardry that makes that happen, but I’m so excited that I will now always have access to whatever I want to read.  My next course of action today is to cancel my $9.99/month Kindle Unlimited subscription.  Who needs it when I have all of this other stuff at my fingertips, thanks to my tax dollars at work?!?
I’m going to visit my sister for Thanksgiving, so now I’m wondering how to get some digital audiobooks so I’ll have something to listen to in my car on the 14-hour (each way) drive.  (I think I’ve listened to every episode ever made of “This American Life,” which are on my iPod).  I guess if I can’t figure it out, I can always request the CD version of whatever I want online and pick it up at the library.
Life is good. 😉

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