Who Am I?


Leslie is a 52(!)-year-old nutcase who lives in Texas, reluctantly. She doesn’t have a problem with the state itself…she just doesn’t like where it’s located on the planet. She prefers mountains, large bodies of water, tall trees, mild weather…much of which is hard to find in Texas. If you know of the real-life equivalent of Cicily, Alaska (the fictional town in “Northern Exposure”), let her know.

Some of the things the old lady likes to do are crochet (isn’t that what old ladies are supposed to do?), collect postcards, play cards and games (if you’ve got a regular game night and need another player…call now!), and spend time with family and friends. She also reads a lot. Mysteries set in places she likes (Alaska, Colorado, Seattle, etc, etc) and memoirs by regular people are her favorites. Favorite authors include Sherman Alexie, Nevada Barr, Jeannette Walls, Steve Hamilton, and Lewis Grizzard…just to name a very few. She’s also got the weird idea to read a biography on every US President but hasn’t made it past chapter 1 of George’s.

Another interest is dead relatives. Raymond, Cox, Myers, Magouyrk, Fagert…just a few of the names on the tree. Get in touch if they sound familiar to you and we’ll see if we’re related. If we’re not, and you’re male, and you’re single, and you’re fun, and you’re not a jerk…even better!


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